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Femme Fatality - Chapter OneIt's La Femme Nikita meets 24. Welcome to Chapter 1 of Hollywood Bubble, Inc's still untitled new series which take you into a world of suspense through the lives of spies and secret agents. Our focus is to create action sequences that rival those of A-list tv shows and feature films as we interact with our viewers and take them into a behind the scenes look of the process. A new episode will air every other week, followed by a filmmaking featurette a week later where we will teach you a specific aspect of filmmaking relating to each episode. Each full story is comprised of a prologue, 10 episodes and an epilogue, and even though each episode stands on its own, they are also interconnected with each other, where the new one picks up where the old one left off. Written, Directed, Cut and VFX'd by Ruben Garay and James Sireno.Like this video?Click to Facebook: to Tweet: Prologue to this season is "Bloody Valentine" - Watch it here: TIps: Composition, Rule of Thirds and How To Build a Sequence (Episode 1)Watch it here: sure you enter the contest to edit your own version of our previous action sequence after you watch the tutorial! Thanks to everyone that hassubmitted so far! You guys are awesome!We will give you the source files to all of our episodes so that you can get creative and edit your own versions of our action sequences based on what we teach you. We will be giving away cool prizes to the most creative submissions. Subscribe if you haven't already and make sure you share this with your friends if you dug it!Want to stay up to date with our productions and the filmmakers behind it?Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter: ...展開內文
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