IMPORTANT: IF YOU LIKE THIS VID...I WILL BE CREATING MORE ANIME LOOKS OR ANY OTHER LOOK YOU REQUEST!!!!! SO...PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, AND SUPPORT:) Here is my newest video of yet another anime eye look. This is called "the school girl" I hope you like it! It was a request, and since the first tutorial did so great, I decided to make another one..I think I gotten way better though, what do you think?? If you have any questions just email me:) This time I didnt add any music because youtube keeps muting my sound. I was going to use the song "Still I love you" from School days" I would suggest you listen to that while you watch the vid. makes it more exciting^_^.... I basically just used face paints, colors: IvoryBlack, Titanium White, and DeepGreen. I wore a white collar dress shirt with a black dress shirt over it. Sorry I didnt have a tie...I hope I pulled off the look:) xoxoxo Hera~

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