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安心亞-冷笑話集XD 阿粿之聲-(全民最大黨) 安心亞-冷笑話集XD 阿粿之聲-(全民最大黨)

資工彌余函彌-女大生美腿大作戰(大學生了沒) 資工彌余函彌-女大生美腿大作戰(大學生了沒)

A Love Theme詞: Olivia Ong曲: 仔仔 (Will Peng) + Olivia OngI love you I love you I love you I do I can see the colours in your eyes My feelings ariseAnd the mirror catches on to what We feel deep insidePlaying off the colours in your eyes nderneath the starry skies I don't have to ever make believe As the gaze turns wide and brightBaby the smile you see It's everything I want it to be I know just how I feel This is how it should always be You have always been a nice surpriseOf sorts for meBaby baby you make me believe In all my dreamsYou don't ever have to second guess Right now I do confess When I think of love I think of you Now you know I want you tooI'm falling into the stars I catch me a shooting star And I place it near my heart This love won't come apartIf you like Olivia's Music, "Like" Olivia on Facebook如果你喜歡Olivia的歌,請上Olivia Facebook 粉絲頁點"讚" ...展開內文
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