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Neneko☆New Love plus video - 拍攝花絮 Neneko☆New Love plus video - 拍攝花絮

詭異的油畫 詭異的油畫

蟑螂飢餓(沒食物與飲水)一週後,在又餓又渴的情形下,對乾燥食物(進食)與飲水的選擇,結果可發現蟑螂走先選擇進食而非飲水,與一般人類的選擇不同。After a week of starvation (no food and water), hungry and thirsty cockroaches choose to eat first rather than drink. The cockroach's choice is different from most people' Lab of Animal Ethology and Physiology, ZhongShan Girls High School (LAEP, ZSGHS) ...展開內文
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