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全民最大黨-報告班長-20120418 全民最大黨-報告班長-20120418

甜瓜35分大三元 尼克 vs 塞爾蒂克  Knicks vs Celtics triple double-2012.04.17 甜瓜35分大三元 尼克 vs 塞爾蒂克 Knicks vs Celtics triple double-2012.04.17

Iron Man 3 Trailer: Made in China Man 3 will be made with a Chinese partner, Disney has announced, in Hollywood's latest effort to tap into the growing Chinese film market. The film will be co-financed by Chinese company DMG Entertainment, which will be responsible for scenes shot in China. DMG will also distribute the film in China."We know Chinese audiences love Iron Man. So we are going to add Chinese elements and a Chinese story into Iron Man 3," Stanley Cheung, Disney's general manager for Greater China, told the BBC.Iron Man 3 is scheduled to be released in the US in May 2013.Co-productions with Chinese firms skirt import quotas, as China only lets in 20 foreign films for national distribution per year. But storylines must conform to themes the Communist Party wishes to promote, such as submission of the individual to government authority for the greater good of China.Will Disney ruin the Iron Man franchise in return for Chinese money and access to the Chinese market? Leave your thoughts below. ...展開內文
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