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《勇敢傳說》中文正式版預告(二) 《勇敢傳說》中文正式版預告(二)

[Akb48新團]Not yet - 西瓜BABY(大島優子,北原裡英,指原莉乃,橫山由依) [Akb48新團]Not yet - 西瓜BABY(大島優子,北原裡英,指原莉乃,橫山由依)

For more details, check out our web site: wait is over, the EVO 4G LTE is here. The name says it all; instead of going by the EVO One (in reference to its HTC One X bloodlines) or the EVO HD (a nod to the 4.7" 720p display), Sprint has chosen to stick with the EVO 4G nameplate and bill it as "a true successor to the original." For a phone with such pedigree, this is a bold claim. Read on to see if HTC and Sprint can back it up!... ...展開內文
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