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[MIB星際戰警3 3D]精彩幕後花絮(5/23周三早場起) [MIB星際戰警3 3D]精彩幕後花絮(5/23周三早場起)

江湖本色 3-多人遊戲宣傳影片 2-PS3-Xbox360-PC 江湖本色 3-多人遊戲宣傳影片 2-PS3-Xbox360-PC

The HTC One X was the first new-generation Android smartphone to come out this year. It introduced us to a new kind of Android experience -- one powered by an ultra-fast quad-core processor. With the recent introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S III, though, things are going to get much more interesting. Take a deep breath, people, as what follows is the most epic Android clash for the first half of the year -- the Samsung Galaxy S III is facing the HTC One X!... ...展開內文
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