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Buy on Amazon (No Tax + Free Shipping) 2012 MacBook Air 11" Gaming and Speed TestIn this video I go over the 2012 MacBook Air 11" gaming and speed performance test including boot times, Novabench scores, Blackmagic Disk Speed Test to see how fast the Toshiba SSD is, Cinebench for the graphics performance, gaming demos with Minecraft & Portal 2, video editing in Screenflow with a 1080p video and how loud the computer gets.duncan33303 is a technology based YouTube channel that focuses on a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, game consoles as well as the weekly show D3Live.Gear I Use To Make Videos:Nikon D3200 Camera: 50mm 1.8G Lens: 40mm 2.8G Micro Lens: Air 11" 2012: Yeti Microphone: H1 Microphone: Watt Softboxes: ATH-M50 Headphones:! Store! me on Google+! on Twitter! me out on Facebook! Link info ...展開內文
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