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After two weeks of hard work and waiting, here it is ! The full Gundam Style M/V. I hope you won't be disappointing, Enjoy !Feel free to share it everywhere else in the internet.Original Video PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V : big shout out to my fellow co/m/rades on /m/ (4Chan) who helped me finding ideas and give me motivation to do the whole thing ! There's also two guest in the ending, thanks for helping me with ideas.-Adobe After Effects Cs4-Adone Premiere Cs5.5-Every heads were find on google from various website, I thank all of these people.I do not own anything, music, image, etc. It was made for entertainment purpose and parody, nothing else. everything is owned by YG Entertainment Inc. and Bandai ...展開內文
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