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台中市公車  歡笑86(可愛的司機) 台中市公車 歡笑86(可愛的司機)

The Walking Dead - Walker/Zombie Kill Count [Season 1 + 2]Here we are, the complete on-screen walker death count for season 1 and 2! Enjoy and don't forget to watch in HD!Watch out for spoilers. I wouldn't recommend watching this unless you're up to date with the show.Things to note;1) These are on-screen kills only, if it happens off-screen then how am I supposed to know? :P2) I'm only showing confirmed kills, there was a scene at the camp where Shane uses his weapon on a few walkers but since you don't actually see any head-shots I decided not to include it.3) Beheads don't count because they're not kills, you have to destroy the brain."Zombies" "The Walking Dead" "AMC" "Death" "Kill Count" "Walkers" "Shane" "Lori" "Rick Grimes" "NSFW" "Gory" "Blood" ...展開內文
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