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Super Kawaii Doll Transformation (With Double Eye lids)Heres a Dolly look that was Inspired by Gyaru Make-up style and by my Valentines Day Flower Bouquet .Hope you guys enjoyed this fun Transformation !!!Background Picture: Contacts : I would suggest putting on contacts before you put on Make-up to avoid infections. My eyes are very sensitive to contacts so I usually put them at the end to keep them in only for short period of time !Product List : Liquid Foundation' Lancome'Powder Foundation 'Lancome 'Light pink Eyeshadow 'Milani'Hot Pink Eyeshadow 'Make-up Forever'Artliner Black Eye Liner 'Lancome'White Eye Liner 'Lancome'Fake Eye Lashes : Ebay Invisible Eye lid Glue : Ebay only $3Contour Eyeshadow 'Buck ' Naked Palette White Cream Eyeshadow : Prettyncute.comPink Blush 'Frat boy ' The BalmPink Lip gloss ''Wig : EbayContact Lens : ...展開內文
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