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Voicing ALL Female League of Legends Championsこにゃんちにゃ~~ SHARE IF YOU LIKED IT HEHE :D My videos have been slacking in views due to people being unsuspectingly unsubscribed from me and facebook having to tick rubbish to view my content in the newsfeed! T_TVoice impressions of all the female League of Legends Champions. I think I sound the same most of the time and it doesn't help that I have an 'airy' voice either when I wanna impersonate someone like Riven! I thought I'd do this because it's International Woman's Day. I know it doesn't reflect on the subject of the day because all I'm doing is imitating female voices but it's still on the topic of women. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making this! :DStay tuned for Male League of Legends Champion voices impressions!Sorry about the loud humming of my PC. =="❀ 2nd CHANNEL:❀ FACEBOOK:❀ TWITTER:❀ TUMBLR:❀ BLOGSPOT: ...展開內文
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