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正確的哈林搖(Harlem Shake)舞步教學~不是亂搖喔!

How to Do the Harlem ShakeCheck out this dude who eats over 6000 calories in ONE SITTING!!: 10 MMA Fails, WATCH AND SHARE BEFORE YOUR FRIENDS DO!: out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Dance Instructor and Director of DanceTouch Collective (, Brice "Professor Lock" Johnson gives you step by step instruction on various hip hop dance moves.Check out the Mahalo How to Dance Playlist: out one of these Mahalo "How-To" Playlists:Mahalo Style and Beauty: History: To Cook: To Use iWork: To Tap Dance: by: Btonez of #TeamWest Productions. ...展開內文
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