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「軍艦島」という名前で知られている長崎県端島は、長崎港から 19 キロの海上にある小さな半人工島です。1870 年から炭鉱開発が始まり、日本の近代化を支える炭鉱の町として、最盛期には 5000 人以上がこの島で暮らすほどに栄えましたが、1974 年の閉山とともに無人島となりました。現在、島の一部について上陸が認められていますが、今回は長崎市のご協力により、立入りが禁止されているエリアを含め島全体を撮影しました。撮影には、バックパック型の撮影機材トレッカーを用い、約 2 時間程度、島内を歩いて撮影しました。かつて人々が行き交った集合住宅の階段には、今では青々とした緑が茂り、南国風の低木にまぎれて美しい白いユリが花を咲かせています。階段をのぼり、緑のトンネルを抜けると、島を一望できる神社付近に出ることができます。高い空と青い海に囲まれた静かな景色の中、海風に吹かれて剥がれたコンクリート片がパラパラと落ちる音が聞こえてきます。ストリートビューはこちらからご覧いただけます。 you remember the villain's secret island hideout in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall, the one that looked like a decaying industrial wasteland? That fictional location was actually based on a real place — the island of Hashima off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. Due to its unique flat shape, the island is most widely known in Japan by its nickname Gunkanjima — aka "Battleship Island."Starting in the late 19th century, Hashima served as a coal mining facility and residential complex for 5,000 people. After the decline of coal mining in the 1970s, however, the island became completely abandoned, only opening up again to tourists in 2009. Hashima has transformed into an eerie tourist destination where you can see a once thriving town decaying and totally devoid of life. Apparently, Hashima's buildings are deteriorating so rapidly that you can hear parts of the concrete collapse as the wind blows from the ocean.While we can't replicate those unearthly sounds on Google Maps, we can now give you 360° panoramas of the Hashima with today's launch of Street View imagery for the island. Thanks to assistance from Nagasaki City, we were able to collect imagery with the Google Trekker beyond the cordoned-off areas for tourists and into off-limits paths around the island. We also used our Business Photos technology to let you peek into the abandoned buildings, complete with ancient black-and-white TVs and discarded soda bottles. Check out more details at Google Lad Long. is the link to Street View, ...展開內文
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