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【密技】把猫咪當成機關槍來玩 Cats. Machine guns. 【密技】把猫咪當成機關槍來玩 Cats. Machine guns.

樓梯間滑倒 朋友也笑死 Stairs slip. Friend laugh. 樓梯間滑倒 朋友也笑死 Stairs slip. Friend laugh.

Blonde Girl Surprises Crowd With Miley Cyrus Twerk At Booty Shaking Contest!Booty Shaking Contest HighlightsThe Jump Off 2013 - WEEK 13 [of 15-Week Season]TICKETS: ‪‬TAKE PART: TABLE: the early championed "Best Ass in the World" Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) & booty bouncing Bootylicious Beyonce, to the Hip-Popping Shakira & Ass Twerking Barbie that is Nicki Minaj, we have seen 'Booty Shaking' go from being something only ever displayed by "Video Girls" in Hip Hop Music Videos, to becoming a credible Dance Art-form performed by the most renowned Artists in the Music Industry today.*********** GOT TWITTER? ***********Follow 'The Jump Off' Team:HOST / DJ:Rap6 - @Rap6UKManny Norte - @MannyNorteFelix - @FelixBillionVIDEOGRAPHER:Nathaniel Rodriguez - @IKnowNathanielSteven Coker - @StevenGeekfaceVIDEO EDITOR:Louise Higgins - @Ell_London ...展開內文
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