website statistics for more informationLevel 9 Earthquake Resistance: diagonal bracing structure, light weight,steel construction, passed level 9 earthquake resistance testing6x Less Material: even though the construction materials are muchlighter(250kg/m2) than the traditional materials(over 1500kg/m2), the floorsand walls are solid with surefootedness, airtight and sound-proofing5x Energy Efficient: 150mm thermal insulation for walls and roofs, tripleglazed plastic windows, external solar shading, heat insulation, freshair heat recovery, LED lighting, yearly HAVC A/C energy consumptionequivalent to 7 liters oil.20x Purification: after 3 levels of purification, the purification efficiencyfor fresh air reaches 95%-99.9%; air exchanged 1-2.5 times per hour, andindoor air is 20x cleaner than out door air1% Construction Waste: all components are factory made, constructionwaste, mainly package materials, result from on site set-up only andamount to 1% of the total weight of the building.This is the first building in human history which combines almost allenvironmental friendly, comfortable and secure elements. So, we call it:Sustainable Building ...展開內文
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