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木村拓哉のWhat’s up SMAP 木村談到小鹿&孝淵

這是木村主持的廣播節目,120127這天回覆觀眾來信的時候談到小鹿&孝淵揪竟~~他們下次見面的時候會收到木村大神怎樣的Fan Service呢?讓我們繼續看下去 XDDDDDDDPS: 影片中的翻譯"木村大神" 應為"木村船長"因為木村很喜歡one piece(跟李順圭一樣唷),所以在what's up SMAP裡面,很多人都會叫他木村captain(木村船長)感謝告知這項訊息的朋友 ^^A fan named 「syojojidai ko」(少女時代子) from Miyazaki Prefecture (Japan) said:"Good evening, Captain Takuyaku.""HARA in Kara and YOONA and HYOYEON in SNSD are Captain's big fans.""They all are fascinated by your drama performance and therefore became your fan.""They also collect Captain-related products!"Ah...Although this is one thing I am very thankful for...I met KARA and SNSD many times in Music Station's special program and FNS pop songs festival!When seeing them, I just treated them normally without knowing that they are my fans!Therefore, I only thought that "Oh, they are KARA" and "Oh, they are SNSD" at that time.It was such a pity that I didn't know this information, and I really hope that I could get this information earlier!!(BGM - Gee)Ah! This is that... the song used in Nakai's SNSD imitation show!Ah~ this is also a very cute song.But I think Mr.Taxi still owns the most popularity, doesn't it? ...展開內文
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