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Acer Aspire S7 超薄筆電 - 實機操作介紹 Acer Aspire S7 超薄筆電 - 實機操作介紹

另類台灣之光!?台灣學生課本塗鴉大蒐集 另類台灣之光!?台灣學生課本塗鴉大蒐集

華碩新款產品:「ASUS TAICHI」一改變形原則,將Ultrabook及平板直接合而為一,筆電模式效率十足,蓋上上蓋就是平板,獨自雙重享受,更能多工分享。11.6、13.3吋兩種規格,雙面Full HD高解析度IPS面板,搭載最新Intel Core CPU處理器,傳遞毫不妥協的效能,加上聲籟技術加持的精湛音效,讓工作與娛樂之間輕鬆變形。The ASUS Taichi is a revolutionary new product that combines the power of anultrabook with the flexibility and mobility of a tablet.At first glance, the Taichi passes for just another ultrabook, but upon closer review, the lid yields a reflective surface, that is in fact, a touchscreen. The touchscreen is a beautiful Full HD IPS display with a 1920x1080 resolution that offers crisp visuals, even from extreme angles, so it's great for sharing with friends. ...展開內文
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