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MAN OF STEEL XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY-official trailerSay goodbye to the dorky, fumbling Clark Kent of the '70s...Ryan Driller reprises the role that launched his career, but in his latest epic spoof, legendary director Axel Braun gives us an updated version of the classic all-American superhero. After a freak accident in which he kills Livewire, Clark leaves Lois, burns his costume and goes back to Smallville to rekindle his romance with Lana Lang. But President Luthor has other plans...and they involve Silver Banshee and Bizarro. It's a darker, moodier, bolder look at an iconic character, with more action, more drama, and definitely more sex than any of its mainstream incarnations, and of course with the exceptional quality and attention to detail that fans of Axel Braun have come to expect of him. ...展開內文
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