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Get the full album HERE!"Make It Up" is finally here! Months of hard work and all of your incredible support has allowed Kurt and I to create for you this album that we're truly proud of, along with several music videos which were so much fun to create. This song, the album's title track, celebrates the fact that we all, to some degree, are making things up as we go along, which is really a beautiful thing. A HUGE thanks to each and every person involved in this CRAZY one-take. The entire video was shot in a single continuous take from start to finish, and I'm not sure I've ever had more fun in my life than I did shooting this video with so many incredible people. A special thank you to the incredible dancers of NSU Modern - once again an honor to fake my way through dancing with you!!! As always, SUBSCRIBE, like, and share, and keep an eye out for more videos and exciting news on its way!!!SAM TSUI:Twitter - - SCHNEIDER - Youtube - - - Modern - ...展開內文
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