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真人快打電梯惡作劇~我打!!!Hey guys, so many of you don't but in 2011 I started YouTube doing comedy skits. During that time I began touring internationally and performing. I took a break in 2013. This year I'm coming back with a new routine full of laughs. The tour starts this week (September 17th) an I'd love for you all to come. Tickets are sold below. Fun for all ages. :)JUST BE YOURSELF COMEDY TOUR TICKETS:LA 9/17: SOLD OUT!SF 9/18: 9/22: YORK 9/24: 9/27: SOLD OUT!NEW VLOG CHANNEL: youngsimbahhhThank you for watching! If you enjoyed, please Subscribe by clicking here I TRY to do videos every week! :D How many likes can we get by next week?! :DInteract with me on these sites: Twitter: collabs, business, bookings please email: send me goodies here: PO. Box 64888 Los Angeles CA 90064see you next week!DOSEofFOUSEY know what to do. :) ...展開內文
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